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17. Februar 2022: An EU Parliamentarian’s perspective on Data Governance and Digital Trade

'Compared to the analogue world where we have fundamental rights, rules on competition and democratic procedures, the digital world is still the Wild West'.

What is certain is that digitalisation brings a lot of benefits to our society, but it also carries risks. We can track vehicles in cities with satellite technology and thus come up with more sustainable traffic plans. But technology can also be used to manipulate consumers. It's clear that we need to establish rules.

On Tuesday 15 February I had the opportunity to speak on the way in which the EU wants to shape the digital age at a webinar organised by the Digital Trade and Data Governance Hub at the George Washington's Elliott School of International Affairs. We spoke about the Digital Markets Act, the Digital Services Act as well as the Act on Artificial Intelligence.

If you want to know how we in the EU want to make sure that the digital world is also governed by rules that benefit our societies and our people, you can watch the recording below.

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