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Digital Tour Foto: EU Parlament

15. Mai 2023: Digitale Tour: Machen Sie einen virtuellen Rundgang durch das Europäische Parlament

Sie haben keine Möglichkeit, das Europäische Parlament in Brüssel oder Straßburg persönlich zu besuchen? Machen Sie die neue "Digital Tour" des Parlaments.

Free and available in all 24 official EU languages, embark on the digital journey to the European Parliament and experience the Parliament in 360°, become an MEP and discover the history of the EU.

1. Experience the European Parliament in 360°

Take a 360° virtual tour of the Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg, discover the people and the buildings and find out how you can make your voice heard. Meet MEPs and gain a deeper understanding of their work at the heart of EU politics. Enjoy interactive surroundings, multimedia content and activities.

2. Be a virtual MEP

Try your hand at being an MEP with the help of virtual reality. Take on challenges that will immerse you in how MEPs and Parliament work. You will even have the chance to vote in the plenary session in Strasbourg - virtually, of course.

3. Virtual tour of the House of European History

Find out about the EU’s history during a virtual tour of the House of European History. Enjoy exhibitions and detailed 3D reproductions of historical objects.

Coming soon

Later in 2023, Parliament will launch a virtual role-play game that will allow you to learn all about the Parliament’s role in making EU law. Players will be able to interact with game characters, EU institutions, civil society and other stakeholders involved in decision-making.

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